2022 – 23

Mach 13 2022


Commissioned by Junichi Fukuda (Fukudance Co.) New York

january 3-16 2022

Project 13 – Event Horizons

Commissioned by Ana Sánchez-Colberg

Sep. 2021 – 2022

Interview Broadcast by Athens Video Dance Project


Sep 2021: AVDP 2021

Summer 2022: Athens Festival

Later in 2022: ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation)

Sep. 2021-Sep. 2023

B-Air: Art Infinity Radio

music for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups

Commissioned by Yorgos Samantas, Dana Papachristou and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Nov. 2021 [date to be announced]

Hamlet meets Electra

Commissioned by Irene Drakou and the Ministri of Culture

August 20-21 2021

Lato-Safe Space

Performance and Sound Installation-Composition

Commissioned by Eleni Kalara and the National Opera

Lato temple, Kritsa, Crete

July 30 -August 15 2021

Labyrinth-Time Warps

Contemporary Art Exhibition in collaboration with the artist Dimitris Lambrou

Anogia , Crete

May 2021

Skaramazuzu – 2D story-driven adventure game

In collaboration with Iphigames and BLEEDING MOON STUDIO

Winter-Spring 2021 [dates to be announced]

Holly Purple

Commissioned by Androniki Marathaki and the Ministry of Culture

Spring 2021

re-FLOW A VR-Immersive Environment

Commissioned by Chrysanthi Badeka and COORPI Association, Italy

Feb. 2021

Hardly Virtual

Commissioned by Dimitris Mitilineos and the Ministry of Culture

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